Solar Air Conditioner

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner: Flat Panel Solar Air Conditioner/Tube Solar Air Conditioner
Brief introduction of Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner
1.The solar air-conditioner is driven by electricity and with solar energy as an auxiliary power. The two kinds of energy work complementally in accordance with principles of fluid dynamics.
2.The solar air-conditioner combines the absorption working system to compression system by using environmental-friendly media in cooling and heating on the basic of traditional air-conditioner technology to achieve energy-saving and environment protection
3.It adopts vacuum tube solar collector which is with high performance of absorption and low reflection ratio

Outstanding Features
1. Energy-saving EER >3.72. The solar air-conditioner can save 30% and more electricity comparing to traditional ones.
2. Reliable and durable, we use famous brand compressors and high-quality vacuum tubes
3. Luxurious appearance
4. Strong environmental adoptability, it can run at super high or low temperature
5. Easy installation

100% DC Solar Air Conditioner
1. The product use 48V DC brushless compressor and fan motor.
2. The compressor, which is of the international famous brand, cools and heats powerfully, operates most smoothly, and runs on low load, service life is extended.
3. The operation is calm and silent. The air conditioner adopts the advanced off-center blades and foam air duct. The high performance low noise blower is adopted. The noise reduces remarkably.
4. It is provided with the microcomputer control technique. The remote control and the control panel can be applied interchangeably. The operation is convenient and simple. The air conditioner is also provided with an automatic detection display system. You will feel beneficial, comfortable, and enjoyable with our FreeCool conditioner.
5. Automatic cleaning function , Antibacterial filter net, Negative ion, Vitamin C and anti-acarid, New appearance, digital display, Three-bend evaporator
6. Remote control with big LCD, High efficiency cooling / heating, Double muting technology.



ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-3

Dual power AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner system, the power from solar panel priority supply directly to indoor& outdoor fan motor and compressor. When the solar power is not sufficinet, by equipped with doual PV MPPT tracking system, the system automatically switch to run by gird power,thus achieved the AC/DC power supply interaction, and uninterrupted supply power to air conditioner, ensure the systeme high efficiency up to SEER36
System Advantages
Solar lighting is safe and environmentally friendly since they do not require external power supply. There is no wiring required and installation is very easy. It is suitable for use in remote areas and location near water. And they run cost free; you do not have to worry about electricity bills.
1. AC/DC dual power supply
2. High energy efficiency: maximum up to SEER36; Even if there is no sunshine, up to SEER 20.
3. Convenient and quick installation, no longer require solar controller, battery and inverter.
4. Using solar power priority, solar power utilization rate more than 95%.
5. Solar power/grid power spply interaction, achieve uninterreupted power supply;
6. Wide voltage design, free combination of solar panel, not limited by installation place.
7. High-qulity components, durable security, effectively improve the efficiency.
8. Advance frequency control technology, ensure the entire unit is full and efficient
9. User-friendly design, extreme convenienc.
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