Carport Mouting System

Optimum Sun Carport mounted solar systems for homes are a popular use of otherwise unused structure and parking lot space. We supply and design small low-cost solar carports, larger solar car parks and solar car charging stations for homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, and multi-unit dwellings. These grid-tie/off grid solar systems can help offset power consumed by hybrid or electric car charging.
Whether your residential project is complex or simple, we have a ground-mounted solar carport system solution for you. Let our experienced professional team assist you with the design of your residential solar carport system project.

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Advantage of solar carport system
Foundation and installation options available,readily tailored to fit different modules and parking lots
Industry-leading 10-year warranty on all our carport installations
No field welding, drilling, or other on-site fabrication
Multiple coatings options:Hot dipped galvanized or Anodized aluminum alloy
Wide selection of pre-engineered designs: Single-slope structures or Double-slope structures
Solar carports Utilize existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate.
By utilizing Parking areas in addition to existing building roofs solar carports can vastly increase the overall energy production of your solar project.
Solar carports systems require little to no maintenance and allow easy access to panels for service and repair.
Solar carports provide shaded or covered parking for autos

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Technical Parameters
Install site: Open field
Max wind speed: Up to 80m/s
Snow load:1.4KN/m2
Module type: Framed or Frame less
Module orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Structure material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy/Hot Dipped Galvanized
Fasten material: SUS304 A2-70
Finishing: Anodizing
Production line
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